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"Premium Support Like You've Never Heard Of Before"

No longer be held back by acne, period pain, weight, moods, bloat, anxiety, & lack of energy!

Want someone on your healthcare team that you can rely on, touch base with as much as you need between calls, is results-driven, and who is just as motivated as you to get to the root cause? You've found it!

Premium support is for YOU if you value faster results & your practitioner dedicating extra time to cracking the code on your complex case. 

like a personal ASSISTANT, BUT for your HEALTHCARE

One of a kind Support

perfect for those who feel like they've tried everything but nothing is working

"I’m no longer distracted by painful bloating, constipation, body swelling, inflammation, & irregular painful periods. Oh and I've lost 6 lbs!"

I am grateful to have found Mads during such a hopeless, desperate time in my life! I have now built healthy life habits and not just gained information or a temporary fad diet. I now love how empowered and confident I feel! Working with Mads 1:1 has been life-changing!!





Allowing us to treat the root cause and clear your symptoms for good from the source


To progress through your treatment plan, monitor your progress & tweak as needed with no time wasted

customised & tailored program

Covering all bases of health & designed to reverse your symptoms effectively and for the long term

Unlimited direct communication

Unlimited private access between calls for check-ins, questions & accountability any time.

online client portal & app

Your own online VIP Client Portal with videos & resources to accelerate your results

Private online community

Including unmatched love & support from women around the world, guest workshops and discounted events!

VIP discounts

10%+ discounts on quality practitioner-only supplements, personalised herbal tonics, pathology & more

Positions limited due to the higher support provided to each VIP client


I have felt so failed by other practitioners before, but Mads broke down her holistic approach to healing into small actionable steps and I have achieved incredible results in such a short time. Mads addresses healing in such a complete way and I felt so supported and guided the entire time. 

"Mads helped me get on top of my anxiety, eczema, low energy, migraines, bloating, and negative relationship with food & exercise"

claire had struggled her whole life

This could be you....

I feel so much happier and healthier, both physically and mentally! In such a short space of time I have created healthier habits and I now feel more energetic, empowered and more positive to be around. I cannot recommend working privately with Mads enough, it is truly incredible!

"Mads has helped my skin look the best it has in a long time. I feel like I am glowing!"

casey was stuck in a rut

In conjunction with my Integrative Dr, Madison helped me learn and comprehend what I am experiencing and helped my body to recover! I have now cleared my skin, I feel less stressed, have more energy and have a much better relationship with food.

"I was restricting so many foods that I didn't have to because I'd heard they were trigger foods but they weren't"

LORAINE HAS Hashimoto's Thyroidism

Positions limited due to the higher support provided to each VIP client

Frequently Asked Questions

How does premium Support differ from seeing a practitioner normally?

How does premium Support differ from seeing a Naturopath or Doctor?

Working in-clinic, I found 60% of appointment time was spent catching up with the patient on everything that had happened in between sessions, so I could spend 30% on updating their treatment plan and 10% actually discussing treatment. This is why the traditional medicine module results in the treatment done TO you instead of WITH you.

Having access to me in between appointments means I’m kept up to date on your symptoms so we can get straight into the important stuff during your sessions! This fast-tracks results, makes better use of our time together and allows me to empower you with knowledge on your treatment plan.

I only take on an extremely limited number of premium clients so that I can invest more time in listening to each client, personalising their treatment plan, and getting to the bottom of their symptoms once and for all!

I have a unique case… can you still help?

I have a unique case… can you still help?

VIP support is perfect for unique cases, as I can invest time and resources into your personalised treatment plan!

Can anyone become a VIP client?

Can anyone become a VIP client?

I want all my premium clients to receive the best results, and do not take the investment you’re making into your health lightly (time spent at appointments, mental load learning new information and of course, financial) so I take on a limited number of VIP clients by application only. 

Doors have just opened again to new VIP clients, enquire here!

Your own private practitioner

Enquire Today for VIP Healthcare Support

The way I support my clients and achieve incredible transformations is by offering my VIP clients a lot more support than the average single session consultations. Because of this, the number of VIP clients I can work with at once is limited.

Please complete the form and I will be in touch within a few days to discuss if we would be a good fit. I look forward to supporting you!