Balance your hormones and reverse your symptoms

A completely customisable program, proven to balance your hormones naturally and support your health long-term. All in 8 weeks; and without restriction, confusion or overwhelm! Quit guessing and finally understand what your body really needs.

for good

Balance your hormones and reverse your symptoms
in a way that works for you. 

If you’ve found your way to this side of the internet, I bet you…

Feel like your hormonal imbalances rule your life, effecting your mental health, social life and personal relationships

Have already seen doctors, tried supplements and have googled for hours trying to clear your hormonal symptoms

Have been told to go back on the pill, cut out your favourite foods or try an exercise regime that sounds like hell

And nothing. Seems. To work.
Now what?

 I’ve also been exactly where you are right now

In my early 20s I began struggling with severe cystic acne for the first time and was later diagnosed with PCOS...

Unfortunately my doctors had nothing to offer me other than to go back on the pill and antibiotics (the very things that caused my imbalance in the first place).

Knowing the negative effects these medications previously had on my physical and mental health, and that they were only a temporary, band-aid approach, I knew there had to be another way.

This is why I’ve dedicated 8 years of studying, researching & treating women just like you.

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Let’s imagine for just a moment,

How would it feel to...

No longer have to anxiously stock up on Panadol knowing your period is approaching

Simply jump out of bed and meet friends for coffee - no makeup, no overthinking

Get back all the sick days, cancelled plans and opportunities you’ve missed due to period pain, low energy or crippling insecurities

Stabilise your mood and feel grounded; renewing friendships with friends, family or your partner

Saying yes to that date, or going for that promotion because finally feel like YOU again!

Confidently prevent pregnancy naturally without the side effects of artificial contraceptives

While feeling relieved to know that your fertility is going to be the best it can be when it does come time to have kids

It probably sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

But these women have achieved it & so can you...

sign me up!

but she took her health into her own hands & learnt to suppport her hormones. now this knowledge will stay with her for the rest of her life!

Sarah has been exactly where you are now...

I had tried birth control and acne medicines but nothing worked. I never used to believe that food made much of a difference. And I was missing the root cause of why my acne always came back. Now my acne is finally improving and it makes me very happy. I'm also more energetic, happy and less stressed. No Bandaid approach anymore! I feel amazing!"

"My Acne is finally improving and it makes me very happy"


You name it and I had tried it or been prescribed it. I’ve even had doctors prescribe me weight loss pills and 800cal diets. I can safely say that this program has changed my life! I have also seen improvements in my IBS, inflammation, and mental health.

"I got my period for the first time in 6 months, but without the depressive mood"

Zoe had tried everything

I was depressed and experiencing a huge list of hormonal symptoms. Madison gave me so much more knowledge than any doctor did. Through doing the program my mental health improved so much and I began to feel confident again. My skin also improved and my periods are now lighter and pain-free (it was that fast of a fix). My favourite part was the community, science background and learning about so much more than I thought I would. I would 100% recommend this to anyone!

"My skin improved & my periods are now lighter & pain-free"

Kendyl was diagnosed with pmdd


This could be you....

I knew there had to be a better way!


I used the research skills I’d gained from my science degree to look for a better solution that was actually going to be good for me long-term and keep my symptoms away. I eventually found the answers buried in scientific journal articles and was determined to learn more by enrolling in another four years of university.

I thought, why isn't there an easier way for everyday women to find these solutions? For the women who were in my shoes, and needed natural, science-backed solutions that ACTUALLY work and last long-term?


proven to get women, just like you, out of guessing mode and into feeling confident, symptom-free and in-control OF THEIR HEALTH.


Balance Your HOrmones

What makes Balance Your Hormones so effective, and different from any other online program?

Inside Balance Your Hormones, you will...

Learn how to analyse your symptoms, your cycle and your blood work to identify your imbalances and find your root causes

Gain the knowledge to create your own delicious meal plans full of the foods you love so that it's sustainable, convenient, & without restriction

Learn how to manually lower cortisol (the stress hormone) and switch out of 'fight or flight' with plenty of tools & resources to support you

Understand gut health as CRITICAL to your healing, and learn to maintain optimal gut health without *cringy* fad cleanses, supplements or detoxes

Discover how exercise can modify your hormones and manually improve your imbalance, and create an enjoyable exercise plan you DON'T resent

Once your symptoms are out of the way, you'll then be shown how to optimise your health, your cycle, your sex life, & your fertility long-term!

JOIN balance your hormones

long term results


Balance Your Hormones is designed to find your root cause and address it rather than taking a band-aid approach. You’ll be equipped with the tools to manage your symptoms long-term and on your own - no need to rely on ongoing appointments or prescriptions!



You know the saying - “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Balance Your Hormones not only shows you HOW to treat your symptoms, but WHY. Understanding why these solutions work gives context and removes that “what if” feeling that creeps up when it comes to  implementing something new - taking the guess work out of it! You’ll feel confident every step of the way, knowing how each step is improving your symptoms.

This program puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to make informed decisions and have educated conversations with your health professional. This allows you to have a say in your treatment plan, rather than being just another number and having treatment done “to you”.



One of the most frustrating parts of my health journey was being told to cut out every known trigger food, leaving nothing left to enjoy!

These lifestyle changes simply weren’t sustainable - I’d do them for a week, resent them and revert back to what I was doing before. 

This is why I’ve designed Balance Your Hormones to be the ONLY online program that’s completely customisable - you can alter your treatment to suit your lifestyle, so there’s absolutely no restriction, hustle or resentment. This also means that it will be sustainable long term!

lifetime access


I’ve simplified my many years in the industry into three easy to understand modules. Think of it as your hormonal bible, with all the important stuff highlighted for you! Take the program at your own pace as you explore listening to your body, finding your root cause, how to treat it and how to be the healthiest version of you!

Expect plenty of ah-ha moments, and feel free to return back to these modules at any time. Click here to explore the modules in more detail

THE community


One of the best parts of Balance Your Hormones is connecting with women on the same journey as you, because health struggles can be lonely and it often feels like no one gets it.

Our Facebook community shares stories and recommendations, and is a safe space to connect (or vent)!

Community Love


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"I was worried this was just another programme with info I already knew"

I had all the PMS symptoms, mood swings, constipation, low energy levels all day long. Turns out it was the best decision ever! It brought much more value than what I expected, the community was amazing and the modules were easy to follow through. Mads is so clear explaining everything. I now have better energy, boosted confidence, improvements in bowel movements and all my other symptoms have improved. This programme was life changing and I can see now that this was an investment for my long-term health

- MARIA, Montevideo UY

JOIN balance your hormones



Interpret your cycle as an ongoing report card to determine where things are going wrong so you don't need blood work every month

Learn to analyse & interpret your unique combination of symptoms to find your imbalance and your root cause

Look at the many different functional tests available, the pros and cons of each, and whether hormone testing is even necessary for you

Module 1 is all about understanding your hormones, identifying your imbalance & discovering your root causes


Compare your blood test results to the naturopathic optimal ranges and pick up more clues as to what could be going on

Become familiar with different hormonal conditions to better connect the dots if you suspect something more serious



Develop a healthy relationship with food, and learn why you crave certain things and how to stop these cravings happily

Learn why dieting is harmful and why our body just needs the right 'healthy' sources of protein, fats AND carbs.

Gain the knowledge to create your own delicious meal plan full of the foods you love so that it's *actually* sustainable

Understand common deficiencies and how to supplement to your individual needs rather than falling victim to marketing

How do you help your body to heal? The answer: to provide it the building blocks to heal! In this section we learn all about food as fuel and how to enjoy eating hormone-friendly without restriction


Learn how to reduce insulin resistance and balance your blood sugar with hacks to still eat your favourite foods



Explore more deeply what triggers cortisol, when it gets released and how it causes your cascade of unwanted symptoms

Learn about the difference between acute and chronic stress, and how to manually switch out of 'fight or flight' mode at any time

Reset your sleep cycle and regulate the sleep hormone, melatonin, to ensure you're not just getting quantity of sleep, but *quality*

Learn to balance both cortisol and melatonin to optimise your energy levels throughout the day so you can get more sh*t done

Society is only just waking up to the detrimental affects of stress on our health, but lowering your cortisol takes more than just bubble baths and face masks. This is where the REAL psychology methods come in, with plenty of tools & resources to support you.


"I've been on Accutane twice and have tried all the new skincare that people said cleared their skin, but I didn't get those results.

Since 13 years old I've had irregular cycles and acne. I'm 38 now. I knew something was out of whack, and it was so frustrating for doctors to tell me to just go back on the pill. I wish I signed up for your program sooner! Now my skin has improved, I have more energy, my stomach is staying bloat free, and my moods are more stable! BYH is the BEST investment you can make for yourself. I learned so much!


JOIN balance your hormones

Gut Health

Finally understand the microbiome, the importance of your gut and how it's absolutely CRITICAL to your healing

Learn how to support and effortlessly maintain optimal gut health without *cringy* fad cleanses, supplements or detoxes

Learn about leaky gut, how it works, what it is, how to know if you have it, and what to do about it if you do

Explore food intolerances, sensitivities, allergies and bloating, to live comfortably without restricting foods unnecessarily.

I get it - You've been wondering whether 'Gut Health' is just a fad term everyone has been throwing around? Well, I'm here to tell you that it's even MORE important than they've been saying!




Discover how gentle exercise can actually modify your hormones and manually improve your imbalance

Transform and improve your relationship with exercise so that movement is something you crave, not torture

Learn what constitutes as hormone-friendly exercise and be guided through creating an exercise plan that you enjoy

Ditch resentment once-and-for-all, develop a new appreciation for exercise, and rest without guilt

It's time to give yourself permission to ditch the intense forms of exercise you have been forcing yourself to do because society has made you believe it's what you 'should be doing.



optimise your cycle


Boost your energy levels, moods & productivity. Also gain more compassion for yourself from understanding your body

Learn how to make your periods comfortable and easy, by reducing the cramps and stealing my favourite hacks

Feel confident and fully protected knowing your many different options for natural contraception

Restore your fertility by understanding the causes of infertility, how to improve your fertility, and helpful supplements - with a separate lesson on both female AND male fertility!

Now that you've cleared your hormonal symptoms, it's time to really optimise your health, your cycle, your sex life, and your fertility!


I kept feeling like no matter what I did nothing worked. I had tried so many different diets and my self esteem was becoming an issue. I never knew the science behind food and how carbs are actually good! I was surprised at how uneducated I was about hormones and nutrition and how much there was to learn.

"I'm less moody, have more energy & my libido is improving"


This could be you....

I've been struggling with constant acne, sugar cravings, and mood swings for over 10 years, but after the Balance Your Hormones program my acne is finally starting to improve, my moods are better and I have more energy than before. This program is full of so many useful hacks and tips. I learnt to look at nutrition in a different way and I fee like I'm on a much better path now.

"My acne is finally starting to improve, my moods are better & I have more energy"


After coming off the pill I had worsening symptoms, particularly acne and painful cramps. Throughout the program my cystic acne cleared and my periods became less painful. I also experienced a great boost in my mental health and confidence. I even got a promotion not long after finishing the program, which I wouldn’t have been able to confidently apply for before the program. The community with the program is fantastic and we are all there to help each other out.

"My cystic acne cleared & my periods became less painful"

Sarah was struggling Post-pill


JOIN balance your hormones


I’m outside of Australia, can I still sign up?

I’m outside of Australia, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! The content is universal. Our alumni already consists of women from America, Canada, UK, Europe, India, New Zealand and more.

What’s the time commitment?

What’s the time commitment?

We suggest setting aside an hour per week, over 8 weeks to complete the program. In Netflix time, that’s about one and a bit eps of Emily In Paris ;) 

You can, however, pause the modules at any time and complete the program at your preferred pace. They aren’t going anywhere!

Does the program involve a strict meal plan?

Does the program involve a strict meal plan?

Definitely not - Those aren't sustainable! The program empowers you to make educated nutritional choices by teaching you the importance of different nutrients, that way you can make your favourite meals healthy and eat whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it! We do, however, offer LOTS of meal and snack suggestions.

I'm already working with a practitioner, will this program still help me?

I'm already working with a practitioner, will this program still help me?

Absolutely! I highly recommend this program to those already working with a practitioner as it helps you to work 'with' your practitioner by understanding the process, rather than having the treatment done 'to' you.

Plus, with a better understanding of your own health, you feel more in control, results happen faster, and you can support yourself well after you finish the program!

what is your refund policy?

what is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products with immediate access there is a no refund policy, as you cannot simply return all the learnings and ah-hah moments you will have gained after watching the modules. Thank you for your understanding.

What if I still have a question?

What if I still have a question?

Send an email to or DM @ModernBalance.Co and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or discuss whether the program is right for you!