held back by LOW ENERGY, Stress, painful periods, Acne     mood swings?

it's time to take control of your health


The current approach to women's healthcare is flawed.

Too often, we're told our pain, discomfort and anxiety are just 'part of being a woman'. Then, we're given quick fixes that don't address the deeper causes of our health issues, so then they persist or end up come back. Too often, we're left feeling unheard, misunderstood, and without control over our own health… and we deserve better.

At Modern Balance, we believe in the power of a supportive network, reliable science-backed information, long-term solutions, transparency, and the right to have control over our own health.


Group program
For those who are self-motivated & just want to be told what to do from a reliable science-backed practitioner.
Single consultations
One-off personalised practitioner support, testing & supplement prescriptions as you need. 
priority support
For complex cases or women who are sick of their symptoms & want them gone ASAP. Commitment = Results!
concierge health management
Concierge medicine offers you more time, attention, & bespoke treatment. Like a personal assistant for your health.

 It s time to advocate for our own health through educating and empowering ourselves.

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free masterclass

balance your hormones naturally

In this free 1.5-hour training you’ll learn the EXACT 4-step method I follow with my clients to help them ditch their hormonal symptoms, the BIG mistakes most people are making when it comes to healing and why you've tried everything but nothing is working.