I had tried birth control and acne medicines but nothing worked. I never used to believe that food made much of a difference. And I was missing the root cause of why my acne always came back. Now my acne is finally improving and it makes me very happy. I'm also more energetic, happy and less stressed. No Bandaid approach anymore! I feel amazing!"

"My Acne is finally improving and it makes me very happy"


You name it and I had tried it or been prescribed it. I’ve even had doctors prescribe me weight loss pills and 800cal diets. I can safely say that this program has changed my life! I have also seen improvements in my IBS, inflammation, and mental health.

"I got my period for the first time in 6 months, but without the depressive mood"

Zoe had tried everything

I was depressed and experiencing a huge list of hormonal symptoms. Madison gave me so much more knowledge than any doctor did. Through doing the program my mental health improved so much and I began to feel confident again. My skin also improved and my periods are now lighter and pain-free (it was that fast of a fix). My favourite part was the community, science background and learning about so much more than I thought I would. I would 100% recommend this to anyone!

"My skin improved & my periods are now lighter & pain-free"

Kendyl was diagnosed with pmdd


but she took her health into her own hands & learnt to suppport her hormones. now this knowledge will stay with her for the rest of her life!

Sarah has been exactly where you are now...

"All my symptoms have improved. I can see now that this was an investment for my long-term health"

I had all the PMS symptoms, mood swings, constipation, low energy levels all day long. Turns out it was the best decision ever! It brought much more value than what I expected, the community was amazing and the modules were easy to follow through. Mads is so clear explaining everything. I now have better energy, boosted confidence, improvements in bowel movements and all my other symptoms have improved. This programme was life changing and I can see now that this was an investment for my long-term health.

- MARIA, Montevideo UY

I have felt so failed by other practitioners before, but Mads broke down her holistic approach to healing into small actionable steps and I have achieved incredible results in such a short time. Mads addresses healing in such a complete way and I felt so supported and guided the entire time. 

"Mads helped me get on top of my anxiety, eczema, low energy, migraines, bloating, and negative relationship with food & exercise"

claire had struggled her whole life

I feel so much happier and healthier, both physically and mentally! In such a short space of time I have created healthier habits and I now feel more energetic, empowered and more positive to be around. I cannot recommend working privately with Mads enough, it is truly incredible!

"Mads has helped my skin look the best it has in a long time. I feel like I am glowing!"

casey was stuck in a rut

In conjunction with my Integrative Dr, Madison helped me learn and comprehend what I am experiencing and helped my body to recover! I have now cleared my skin, I feel less stressed, have more energy and have a much better relationship with food.

"I was restricting so many foods that I didn't have to because I'd heard they were trigger foods but they weren't"

LORAINE HAS Hashimoto's Thyroidism

"I’m no longer distracted by painful bloating, constipation, body swelling, inflammation, & irregular painful periods. Oh and I've lost 6 lbs!"

I am grateful to have found Mads during such a hopeless, desperate time in my life! I have now built healthy life habits and not just gained information or a temporary fad diet. I now love how empowered and confident I feel! Working with Mads 1:1 has been life-changing!!


Community Love

"I've been on Accutane twice and have tried all the new skincare that people said cleared their skin, but I didn't get those results.

Since 13 years old I've had irregular cycles and acne. I'm 38 now. I knew something was out of whack, and it was so frustrating for doctors to tell me to just go back on the pill. I wish I signed up for your program sooner! Now my skin has improved, I have more energy, my stomach is staying bloat free, and my moods are more stable! BYH is the BEST investment you can make for yourself. I learned so much!


I kept feeling like no matter what I did nothing worked. I had tried so many different diets and my self esteem was becoming an issue. I never knew the science behind food and how carbs are actually good! I was surprised at how uneducated I was about hormones and nutrition and how much there was to learn.

"I'm less moody, have more energy & my libido is improving"


I've been struggling with constant acne, sugar cravings, and mood swings for over 10 years, but after the Balance Your Hormones program my acne is finally starting to improve, my moods are better and I have more energy than before. This program is full of so many useful hacks and tips. I learnt to look at nutrition in a different way and I fee like I'm on a much better path now.

"My acne is finally starting to improve, my moods are better & I have more energy"


After coming off the pill I had worsening symptoms, particularly acne and painful cramps. Throughout the program my cystic acne cleared and my periods became less painful. I also experienced a great boost in my mental health and confidence. I even got a promotion not long after finishing the program, which I wouldn’t have been able to confidently apply for before the program. The community with the program is fantastic and we are all there to help each other out.

"My cystic acne cleared & my periods became less painful"

Sarah was struggling Post-pill


This program has helped hundreds of women clear their hormonal symptoms, such as cystic acne, mood swings, period pain, irregular periods, weight gain and more! I have a feeling you're next.



Hi, Welcome! I'm Madison Dohnt.

I'm a scientist and educator turned naturopath/ nutritionist, here to help busy women balance their hormones so they can feel good, smash their goals, and increase their energy, confidence, productivity and libido!


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