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Feel like you've tried everything but nothing has worked?

You haven't tried going deep into the root cause with us!

Want someone on your healthcare team that you can rely on, who looks deeper, is results-driven, and is just as motivated as you to clear your symptoms for good? We're glad you're here!

One of a kind Premium Healthcare

Premium support is for YOU if you value faster results & your practitioner dedicating THEIR time to (FINALLY) cracking the code on your complex case.
(or if you want to skip trying 'everything')

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We were sick of the normal consultation model,
so we created something better...

Even as a natural health practitioner, we found that there still wasn't enough time in-consult to investigate each patient's health picture & get to their personal root cause.

(which is why so many naturopaths use protocols)

But what works for one person doesn't always work for the next, because everyone has a completely different health history, genetics, diet & lifestyle.

typical consultationS

Practitioner Questioning

Little time to discuss your questions

Protocol Used for Quick On-The-Spot Prescription

modern balance

More 1:1 time with your Practitioner for Open Discussion, Health Coaching & Asking ALL Your Questions

Extra practitioner time allocated after consultation to work on your case

Pre-Consultation Form
(to save consultation time)

Between-Consultation Educational Modules & Resources Available In Your Own Patient Portal

100% personalised treatment plan designed to address your root causes.

Tailored supplements & custom-designed herbal tonics prescribed


"I’m no longer distracted by painful bloating, constipation, body swelling, inflammation, & irregular painful periods. Oh and I've lost 6 lbs!"

I am grateful to have found Mads during such a hopeless, desperate time in my life! I have now built healthy life habits and not just gained information or a temporary fad diet. I now love how empowered and confident I feel! Working with Mads 1:1 has been life-changing!!



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How are we different?

We believe that the most transformative health journeys occur when there's genuine alignment between practitioner and patient. If you've felt out of sync with past practitioners, or dictated to rather than collaborated with, we offer a fresh approach.

At Modern Balance, you aren't merely a recipient of advice, but an active participant in your own wellness journey. We value your insights, preferences, and feelings, ensuring they're at the forefront of every treatment plan. Our commitment goes beyond clinical procedure; we strive to create a nurturing environment where you genuinely feel seen, heard, and deeply cared for. With us, you won't just find a practitioner; you'll find a true health partner.

Okay, you have symptoms. But WHY do you have symptoms? At Modern Balance we know and understand that there is ALWAYS an internal reason behind all symptoms - they don't just come out of no where (although it may seem like that on the outside).

Instead of masking your symptoms and letting the problem fester, allowing it to get worse over time, we dig deep to uncover the real cause behind them. Tired of short-term fixes and surface-level treatments that keep your symptoms coming back? Our commitment to your health ensures you experience true healing, addressing the heart of your health concerns, for results that last.

Choose us if you're ready for lasting change and solutions that truly work, not just temporary relief.

Worried that natural medicine sounds a bit 'woo-hoo'?
Our founder, Mads, did too! That is, until she struggled with her own hormones in her early to mid 20s and used her science degree to find evidence-backed solutions. Relying on the pill and antibiotics for the rest of her life was NOT in the plan! Ironically, it was the research behind natural medicine that inspired Mads to go back to university to become a naturopath.

SPOILER: All of the lasting solutions pointed to natural medicine and using diet and lifestyle to rebalance the body long-term, instead of continually masking the persisting problem.

While some practitioners treat based on energetics, we prefer to use our scientific knowledge of the body's processes and what is happening internally when systems and functions break down. We then use our knowledge of human biochemistry to prescribe nutritional and herbal supplements based on how they chemically support specific struggling pathways in the body.

You can be confident that with us, every moment, every dollar, and every ounce of effort is directed towards genuine, science-backed solutions. No fluffy stuff, no false promises—only what genuinely works. (& why you won't see us recommending a hair mineral analysis!)

We believe in the power of informed decisions. Instead of handing you just another diet plan to follow, we arm you with a foundational health and nutrition education. This empowerment ensures you're not just addressing immediate symptoms but cultivating a lifelong understanding of how to maintain your results. With our guidance, you won't be forever dependent on practitioners or supplements. Instead, you'll hold the keys to making informed, healthy choices throughout your life's journey. And FINALLY, you'll feel in-control and understand your treatment plan!

To us, you're not just another case; you're an individual with unique needs, diet preferences and lifestyle factors. We break away from old-school naturopathy that places clients on one-size-fits-all protocols. Instead, we tailor our approach to your specific needs, ensuring that the treatment and guidance you receive are as unique as you are. Experience care that genuinely understands and caters to your individual health journey.

Our approach is designed to cater to the complexities of life, addressing your health holistically WITHOUT overwhelming your daily routine.

Gone are the days of dabbling in health trends, wasting time on trial and error, or pinning hopes on isolated strategies. We teach you how to seamlessly integrate diet, gut health, blood sugar balance, hormone-friendly exercise, and stress management into what you are already doing.

With us, it's not about piling on tasks—it's about harmoniously weaving health into your life.

Heavy painful periods | Irregular periods | Acne | Eczema | PMS - Premenstrual syndrome | PCOS - Polycystic ovarian syndrome | Endometriosis | Perimenopause & menopause | Transitioning off the pill | Infertility | Pregnancy & post-partum support | Anxiety | Depression | Mood swings | IBS | IBD | Bloating | Reflux | Indigestion | Heartburn | Diarrhoea | Constipation | Cold & flu | and more (just ask)

At Modern Balance, our Naturopaths are required to hold a minimum of an Australian Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. This includes 4 years of full-time study with a reputable Australian university on anatomy, physiology (how the human body works), disease process, pharmacology, nutritional biochemistry, herbal and nutraceutical medicine prescribing, and advanced phytotherapeutics.

In addition to this, our naturopaths further their education by attending local and international conferences, seminars and advanced training programs to ensure they are up to date with the latest advances in healthcare.

Our head naturopath, Madison Dohnt, is also a Scientist, Nutritionist, and post-graduate qualified Educator. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Diploma in Nutrition. She specialises in Women's health, Hormones, Fertility, Pregnancy and Acne.

These appointments are designed to finally get you answers. This means analysing your health history, symptom profile, pathology results and more. You will have never experienced a health consult that goes this deep before. This is how we make sure that we are tackling your health complaints at the source so we can design a treatment plan around clearing them for good.

New patients will receive an in-depth Root Cause Report helping you to connect the dots and see your treatment plan logically mapped out. You will also be set up with your own Patient Portal with resources and modules to start you on your journey.

Consultation time up to 60 minutes.
Additional practitioner time allocated after consult to analysing your root cause and designing your treatment plan.

Specialist Fee: $405

Most of our clients feel they already eat 'healthy', only to have vital nutritional gaps and deficiencies revealed after a dietary analysis. Your diet is one of the most important tools for your healing, so we don't want to leave this up to guessing.

You will be asked to complete a 3-day diet dairy which will be analysed by your practitioner ahead of time and then again with you during your appointment. Science-backed improvements will be suggested and modifications will be made together as a team, according to your favourite foods and what is realistic for you.

At Modern Balance we are passionately anti-restriction and anti-diet culture. We believe better results are seen when the focus is shifted towards what healing foods to eat more of, as opposed to focusing on food groups to eliminate.

After your appointment you will be sent your Personalised Meal Plan. In your patient portal you will also be granted lifetime access to our Signature Nutrition Program, filled with qualified nutrition education modules & helpful daily resources.

Consultation & coaching time up to 60 minutes.
These appointments are healing, nurturing & transformative for those with complicated relationships with food. We do not use negative food language.

Specialist Fee: $520
BYH Member Fee: $405

Once we have a treatment plan, it is within these appointments that the true transformation and healing takes place. Whilst you will have a personalised supplement plan to assist in your healing, without health coaching to address your root causes, supplements only serve as a bandaid approach and something that you will forever be reliant upon.

Therefore, at Modern Balance we infuse health coaching into our consultations. This is how we are able to help our patients achieve such incredible results in a short period of time that are sustainable long-term. It's true healing & life-changing growth.

Consultation time up to 40 minutes.
Additional practitioner time allocated after consult to analysing your progress.

Specialist Fee: $360

These appointments are designed for quick questions, check-ins, prescription repeats and acute conditions, such as a cold or flu. (acute: occurs suddenly and lasts only for a short period of time)

Existing patients only.
Consultation time up to 15 minutes.
Dispensary time allocated after consult for prescriptions if necessary.

Specialist Fee: $160

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Madison Dohnt
Women's Health Specialist
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Scientist, Educator

Specialising In:
Heavy painful periods | Irregular periods | Acne | Eczema | PMS - Premenstrual syndrome | PCOS - Polycystic ovarian syndrome | Endometriosis | Perimenopause & menopause | Transitioning off the pill | Infertility | Pregnancy & post-partum support | Anxiety | Depression | Mood swings | IBS | IBD | Bloating | Reflux | Indigestion | Heartburn | Diarrhoea | Constipation | Cold & flu | and more (just ask)

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free masterclass

balance your hormones naturally

In this free 1.5-hour training you’ll learn the EXACT 4-step method I follow with my clients to help them ditch their hormonal symptoms, the BIG mistakes most people are making when it comes to healing and why you've tried everything but nothing is working.


I have felt so failed by other practitioners before, but Mads broke down her holistic approach to healing into small actionable steps and I have achieved incredible results in such a short time. Mads addresses healing in such a complete way and I felt so supported and guided the entire time. 

"Mads helped me get on top of my anxiety, eczema, low energy, migraines, bloating, and negative relationship with food & exercise"

claire had struggled her whole life

I feel so much happier and healthier, both physically and mentally! In such a short space of time I have created healthier habits and I now feel more energetic, empowered and more positive to be around. I cannot recommend working privately with Mads enough, it is truly incredible!

"Mads has helped my skin look the best it has in a long time. I feel like I am glowing!"

casey was stuck in a rut

In conjunction with my Integrative Dr, Madison helped me learn and comprehend what I am experiencing and helped my body to recover! I have now cleared my skin, I feel less stressed, have more energy and have a much better relationship with food.

"I was restricting so many foods that I didn't have to because I'd heard they were trigger foods but they weren't"

LORAINE HAS Hashimoto's Thyroidism

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How is a naturopath different from a doctor?

Rather than treating each symptom or system on its own, naturopathy recognises that all systems in the body work together, and therefore a problem in one area will often cause a problem in another area. The benefit of this is that instead of relying on one medication for each complaint, the bigger picture is revealed and treated.

Improving an individual's physical, mental, and environmental health together will often address these complaints in unison, without indefinitely relying on prescriptions or masking the persisting root problem. Natural therapies also do not have the side effect profile of pharmaceuticals because the plant is more gentle as a whole, as opposed to isolating the active components. Therefore, the plant still has these active components and scientifically works on the body's chemical pathways; it just does so naturally (many pharmaceuticals are even inspired and/or created from plants).

What's involved in an Initial Consultation?

Before your consultation, we provide you with a root cause analysis form to fill out. This form gathers essential information about your current health status, medications, supplements, and any diagnosed conditions you might have. By completing this in advance, it ensures that your consultation time is used effectively, truly focusing on the root cause behind your health complaints and creating a tailored treatment plan for you.

We encourage you to ask questions. Our goal is to foster an environment where you feel heard, understood, and comfortable. Towards the end of our consultation we'll discuss your personalised treatment plan, giving you clarity and direction on your health journey going forward.

Why do we exclusively offer online consultations?

Because our patients are busy! They don't have time to run to appointments. Additionally, our commitment to support and empower women spans across the globe. Offering consultations online enables us to extend our expertise to women everywhere, regardless of their location. It's also a matter of convenience for our clients: no time spent travelling, the flexibility to schedule appointments during lunch breaks, and the opportunity to discuss concerns from the sanctuary of one's own home. Furthermore, the virtual space allows us to reduce potential distractions, ensuring meticulous practitioner notes and a more in-depth analysis during our sessions. This approach also maximises our efficiency, enabling us to focus wholly on your health needs and deliver optimal care. Using an external dispensary also ensures the supplements we want to prescribe you are always in stock.

How do I collect my supplements?

Once your personalised prescription has been finalised, your supplements will be on their way to you. They will be securely packaged and dispatched to your preferred mailing address via express shipping. Typically, you can expect their arrival within a few days. We ensure that the delivery process is both prompt and reliable, so you can commence your wellness journey without delay. If you have any specific delivery instructions or concerns about the arrival of your supplements, please let us know, and we'll be more than happy to assist. 

What is a naturopath?

A naturopath utilises natural therapies to identify, prevent, and treat health complaints by supporting the body's own ability to heal and rebalance, and with the aim to achieve optimal health and daily function.

How a naturopath practices can vary significantly based on their education, their experience with the symptoms and conditions themselves, and their own personal values when it comes to treating. At Modern Balance, we follow a unique science-backed approach that was developed by our founder and head naturopath, Madison Dohnt, who is also a scientist and educator.

How do you treat hormonal imbalances?

Hormone balance is not solely a matter of the reproductive organs. A holistic perspective reveals that it's a complex blend of factors, from the foods we consume and our genetic makeup, to how our digestive system operates. Our surroundings and environmental factors also play a role, as does the health of other important glands like the thyroid and adrenals. Naturopathy delves into all these areas, offering a holistic approach to help all systems come together to support balanced hormones effectively.

Do you have private health fund or Medicare rebates?

At this time, Naturopathy cannot be claimed through Medicare or private health funds in Australia. Legislation to change this is happening right now, however is not expected for at least the next year or two. Unfortunately this is out of our control. Our prices are aligned with specialist prices, it's just that the government does not currently help fund Naturopathy for patients.

How quickly can I expect results?

Our approach is centred on understanding and addressing the unique root causes that are affecting your personal health. The timeframe for results can vary. Some clients experience noticeable changes in a matter of weeks, while others, depending on the complexity of their situation, might take a few months to really notice a change in their symptoms and cycle. Regardless, you will start to feel lighter with more energy in the meantime. It's essential to remember that achieving lasting health is a journey, not a quick-fix, and our goal is to guide and support you every step of the way.

Is functional testing necessary?

Our trained practitioners, have the knowledge to interpret and analyse your symptoms and treat accordingly. Where budget allows, functional pathology offers precise insights about your hormone levels and other health markers, setting a baseline to gauge treatment efficacy and drawing attention to hidden imbalances that have not yet manifested into symptoms to be noticed externally. Functional pathology can significantly reduce the time needed to address a particular set of symptoms or a specific condition.

When it comes to hormone testing, the DUTCH test offers the most comprehensive and accurate hormone analysis. Distinct from traditional blood tests, the DUTCH test reveals more about how the body processes, utilises and clears its produced hormones. This user-friendly urine test can be taken discreetly in the comfort of your home. It reviews sex hormones, their resulting metabolites, the liver's handling of oestrogen, cortisol levels, adrenal health, and indicators of B12 & B6 levels, in addition to oxidative stress and glutathione status.

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