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The Root Cause Approach To Healing Your Hormonal Imbalance (with Pros & Cons)

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The Root Cause Approach, as the name implies, is when you work to find the initial health issue within your body that is causing all of your symptoms and health problems.

It emphasises the importance of finding and addressing the deeper problem, instead of just the symptoms that are coming to the surface. I like to think of symptoms as your body’s way of communicating with you and asking (sometimes screaming) for help, to let you know that something is out of balance within your body and needs your attention. 

If the symptom was a headache and the Band-Aid approach was a ibuprofen pill, then the Root Cause Approach would be identifying that the headache was caused by dehydration, and that the real solution is a giant glass of water! 

So let’s explore some pros and cons of the Root Cause Approach:


  • It’s a more long term solution: once you identify what is causing the problem, you address that and your symptoms disappear
  • Less breakthrough symptoms: problem has been addressed instead of suppressed
  • More gentle and natural approach: focusing on the body’s natural function with minimal medications or unnecessary pharmaceuticals 
  • Specific to YOUR body: no unnecessary ‘one size fits all’ advice that won’t work for your needs
  • Improvement of overall health: positive compound effects in all organs
  • Understanding of health and body 
  • Feeling in control, greater education of own health and body 
  • Less side effects
  • Equally, if not, more effective than Band-Aid approach 
  • Sustainable results 


  • Finding root cause can be challenging without health professional 
  • Government does not always subsidize natural medicine
  • Can be more expensive (in the short term)

I hope this was a helpful breakdown for you and that you now have a better understanding of what the Root Cause Approach is, and why it is so important for long-term healing! 

If you’re looking for more insight on how you can take the BEST possible care of your health, check out the Balance Your Hormones program, where you can learn to identify the exact root cause of your symptoms (acne, PCOS, painful periods, fatigue, anxiety and more!) and reverse your symptoms for good!


I'm Madison Dohnt - a biologist, naturopath, nutritionist and educator specialising in helping busy women achieve hormonal balance and symptom relief through science-backed natural approaches


I'm Mads - a scientist, naturopath, nutritionist and educator who specialises in helping busy women achieve hormonal balance and symptom relief through science-backed nutrition and lifestyle approaches

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