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Naturopath at her desk helping women with hormonal imbalances through her hormone balancing program

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The Root Cause Approach, as the name implies, is when you work to find the initial health issue within your body that is causing all of your symptoms and health problems. It emphasises the importance of finding and addressing the deeper problem, instead of just the symptoms that are coming to the surface. I like […]

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Women's Health Naturopath teaching about hormonal imbalances

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You may have heard of this term thrown around here and there, but what does it actually mean? The ‘Band-Aid Approach’ refers to any method used to fix a health issue, that does so without actually treating the root cause of the issue. There is much debate in the health community about the use of […]

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You might be painfully familiar with the term PCOS through having a diagnosis, or maybe you’re wondering if your hormonal symptoms might mean a diagnosis is on the horizon. Either way, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can be a tricky one to navigate. Because of the complexities and frustrations that can come with PCOS, I wanted to  […]

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This is such an important topic, especially given that the online ‘wellness’ sphere can sometimes feel like it’s just Diet Culture repackaged! It’s such a beautiful and special thing to have a healthy relationship with food, but it doesn’t always come easy to everyone, especially if you have a history with disordered eating, or any […]

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You may have heard of the term ‘hormonal imbalance’ floating around the online wellness space, but if you’re unsure about whether or not you have one, I’m going to break down the 5 main symptoms that will usually point to some type of hormonal imbalance. They are incredibly common, and so often they go undiagnosed, […]

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Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? If they do, it’s probably because you’ve been dealing with a hormonal imbalance. Whether mild or extreme, unfortunately hormonal imbalances, especially irregular periods, have become incredibly common in our modern lives.  In most cases it all comes down to one recurring factor → whether your body […]

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